When a town becomes an ash tree

It’s not the end of the world for an ash town, it’s the beginning of the end.This year, a small town in central Alabama will lose its entire town.The town of Ashford has been a part of Alabama’s ash tree community for more than a century.Now, that community will be cut off from the rest…

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It’s not the end of the world for an ash town, it’s the beginning of the end.

This year, a small town in central Alabama will lose its entire town.

The town of Ashford has been a part of Alabama’s ash tree community for more than a century.

Now, that community will be cut off from the rest of the state.

In a stunning move, Ashford, a town of about 13,000 people, has been granted an evacuation order by Alabama’s Department of Emergency Management.

The decision comes after a spate of wildfires and ash trees have destroyed many of the town’s buildings and destroyed much of its natural landscape.

The fires began on November 7, and have killed at least five people and destroyed more than 20,000 homes.

Ashford’s residents have been trying to save the town from the effects of these fires for over two years, and the town has fought back.

In the weeks before the wildfires, Ashfield’s residents were forced to relocate due to the effects the fires were having.

In response to the ash trees, the town hired an agency called the Ashford Fire Marshal’s Office to deal with the fires.

This has led to some problems for Ashford.

The Marshal’s office was able to get through the fires relatively unscathed, but when the Ashburn County Fire Marshal started to issue evacuation orders, Ashburn residents were told to pack up and move out.

“They were telling us to go get a job, they were saying that we would be gone in a few days, but we were still in Ashford,” said Sam Davis, who has lived in Ashburn for three years.

The sheriff’s office has since admitted it is making some mistakes in the process of issuing evacuation orders.

They have issued an order for Ashburn’s entire town to evacuate, but Davis said the sheriff’s department has yet to provide any sort of timeframe for the evacuation.

Davis, along with other residents, have also been unable to access the town to take photos of their houses or take photographs of their children.

“We don’t have a way to take photographs or document our life, and we are not even able to put them in our phones,” Davis said.

Ashburn resident Chris Hill said the situation is extremely frustrating.

“When they are telling us we have to evacuate and we’re going to lose everything, we have no clue what to do,” Hill said.

Hill said he and his wife are going to have to make arrangements to relocate their family in Ashfield to a new home, which they said they have been told will cost a couple thousand dollars.

“I don’t think it’s fair that they’re asking us to move from a community that’s only been here since the 1970s,” Hill added.

According to the sheriff, the Ashland Fire Marshal is not the only agency involved in issuing Ashford residents the evacuation order.

Ashland’s Office of Emergency Operations has also issued an evacuation, which has been issued by the sheriff.

The agency has been coordinating with other agencies, but no specific timeframe has been given for when the other agencies will begin issuing evacuations.

“In my mind, this is a terrible and unprofessional move,” said Mike Hagan, the director of the Ashville County Emergency Operations Center.

Hagan said the only reason he is giving the Ash County Sheriff a deadline for issuing the evacuation is because the Sheriff’s office is still in the midst of the wildfires.

“It’s really disappointing,” Hagan added.

“Because they are in a situation that they don’t know what to release to the public.”

However, the state’s attorney general has said the Ash Forest fire is not expected to reach Ashford until February.

As of Monday afternoon, only about 6 percent of the ash in the area has been destroyed, according to the Ashfield Fire Marshal.

In addition, the fire was only 30 percent contained on Monday, but the Ashwood Fire Marshal says it is expected to grow.

“Ashford residents will be able to begin reopening their homes this weekend and it will be a very busy weekend,” Hagen said.

“As of now, we are expecting to be able start reopening Ashford on Monday afternoon.

As we get closer to the end, we’ll be able reopening it as soon as we can.”

A spokesperson for the AshForest Fire Marshal said they are not able to comment on individual cases, but said, “We are working closely with the Ashfire Marshal’s Operations Center to get a full and accurate estimate of how long this will take us to fully open Ashford.”

A number of community members have taken to social media to voice their concerns with the state of Alabama regarding the evacuation orders for Ashland.

“How can we have an evacuation while we have this fire in the state?” wrote a person who goes by the name @MarilynCox in a Facebook post.

“Why do we have a town evacuated and still have the ash tree?” Another

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